Lancy specializes in the design and manufacture of construction equipment and more specifically for the pumping and projection of mortars and concretes.

Lancy wanted to simplify its reception and warehouse management procedures.

Currently, the company Lancy Mixjet does not have data acquisition means other than PCs equipped with BaaN IVc4. Although operational, this solution is costly because it is not very productive, it is hazardous in terms of the quality of the information entered (since the capture is not done as close as possible to the operation) and generates bottlenecks at the store level. .

In order to streamline the flow related to shopping, the company Lancy Mixjet wanted to equip its storekeepers with a solution that:

  • The information display as close as possible to the articles,
  • Management of receptions,
  • The management of basketings,
  • The management of the désenlogements,
  • Production order management,
  • Delivery management,
  • Store control,
  • Inventories,
  • Label management,
  • Possibly the management of past times.

Lancy also wanted this solution to be able to:

  • With a reasonable setup cost,
  • Interchangeable material,
  • From an interface with BaaN IVc4, which remains the control system,
  • To ensure the coherence of the orders in case of network cutoff,
  • To be autonomous on the whole day (batteries),
  • Securing transactions,
  • And finally to assist the storekeeper with a helping ergonomics.