With Agrosemens, Gus³ crusades for 100% organic seeds. But not only...

Agrosemens is a family business based in Provence. It specializes in the production and marketing of seeds from organic farming. To cope with its rapidly changing and growing activity, the seed company decides to adapt its logistics organization and its software tools. 

To do this, Agrosemens have contacted Pexlog, specialist in supply chain optimization, and SemWare, specialist in software solutions for the management of seed stations. Between these three specialists, it is the beginning of a genuine partnership. And it works like a charm...

MyGus, the procedural component of SemWare's Gus³ , quickly proved to be the ideal tool to meet the current logistical expectations of the seed company. Indeed, myGus is exactly at the crossroads of needs. It will help to streamline the activity of Agrosemens and improve inventory turnover. And by doing so, it will ensure:

  • maintaining a high level of quality,
  • guaranteeing traceability,
  • serve certain administrative aspects.

For example, thanks to its scheduler, myGus will be able to rationalize the preparation of orders, by distributing tasks between the operators in an appropriate order.

In this context, SemWare also develop new tools:

Definitely, doing ORGANIC is really good, but doing it even better is fabulous!