The entire SemWare team wish you all the best for 2020.
May this new year bring you happiness and success in all your projects.

Concerning Gus³, all indicators are green to start the year on a high note, thanks to a well-filled toolbox and well-oiled tools.
A proven trio:

  • a powerful ERP, iGus, to manage your seed stations, from production to certification; and you can take advantage of recent improvements that have been made to certain major functions such as inventory, MRP manufacturing, preparation scheduler, declaration of mix batches to the GNIS ;
  • a nomadic companion, myGus, to configure your field procedures and implement them safely, with or without network;
  • a secure web service tiGus, for reporting and automated communication between your partners and you.

An arsenal of complementary solutions and applications, including:
  • the brand new Laboratory module, to manage the processing of your seeds to the best of their qualitative characteristics;
  • the indispensable Look-out, to monitor systems, automate file exchanges between partner companies and automatically trigger scheduled actions;
  • the unmissable Monitor, to streamline all of your administrative or functional procedures, including between departments; for example, it can mix cross-actions between the laboratory, the manufacturing workshops and the truck drivers;
  • the clever Salvo mode, to help you optimize your deliveries by grouping your sales order preparations per proximity of storage locations (multi-order picking).

So forward ho!