The information system: your electronic capital

The wealth of your company is the fruit of a slow maturation of know-how recognized by your customers. During the development of the company, many employees had to acquire this knowledge, partly thanks to the information system. The information system is the representation of this know-how, through the processes described in it, as well as through the nature and quality of the data contained therein.

But the data did not appear by spontaneous generation.

They have all been acquired:

  • Either manually, by daily input distributed among the employees,
  • Or automatically, by deduction during a process, by calculation, aggregation, etc.

When the data is acquired manually, it is necessary to monitor 2 primordial points:

  • The unity of place, time,
  • The consistency of the information.

With myGus as a data acquisition tool, you are sure to respect these fundamental 2 points. MyGus improves the quality of your data, by limiting errors, and speeds up input operations, making the gain immediate.

However, myGus goes well beyond these 2 points.

MyGus is a mobile data acquisition solution under the control of your pilot systems (ERP, commercial management ...) which:

  • Synchronizes continuously the data and the orders coming from the pilot system,
  • Displays, on the terminal, the orders to be realized and the data,
  • Accompanies the operators during the realization of all types of orders (production, storage ...),
  • Facilitates input, thanks to barcode readers, RFID tablets or any other means,
  • Checks the consistency of all the data to be sent back to the pilot system,
  • Returns the information to the pilot system once the orders are completed (stock movements, preparation of orders, storage locations, weighing, quality monitoring, etc.).

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