In a company, any action is the result of a decision. This decision can have a scope:

  • In the short term (an order to be executed),
  • In the long term (a mission in the company).

The execution of a mission is most often translated by the execution of a set of tasks that have been determined. We will call it an "autonomous order", which brings us back to the general notion of order.

Each of these orders has its translation in the pilot system:

  • Assemble a machine,
  • Prepare an order,
  • Deliver,
  • Move an article from one location to another,
  • Inventory articles,
  • .

MyGus uses the concept of process to name each of these translations.
Thus "deliver" becomes a process in the same way as "assemble" or "transfer".
For myGus, any process can be broken down into small functional modules. MyGus calls them "operations". Thus myGus breaks down a given process into a series of elementary operations.

Whatever the organization, the list of possible elementary operations is not infinite. What distinguishes an organization from another organization is how these operations are sequenced.

MyGus knows the basic operations. Their sequencing is then based on the organization's processes. Once this setup is done, myGus is operational in the organization. And you are sure that your procedures will be respected according to your quality approach.

Finally, myGus only has to know the orders of the pilot system (the one where the decisions are made):

  • Synchronization, to the mobile terminals, of the orders that must be realized,
  • Distribution of all orders to mobile terminals, according to the operators who must implement them.

Thus, if the orders are known by the pilot system, myGus proposes to the operators:

  • A sequence of operations according to the process of the order,
  • Limited and controlled input thanks to the barcode system and internal safety mechanisms.

In short, myGus:

  • Accompanies operators who need to enter only the productive data. Thus, when completing orders, you save a lot of time and greatly increase reliability.
  • Is a tool at the service of Quality Managers. Indeed, with myGus, they can effectively manage Quality events (gaps with the alert system and progress tracks with time tracking that allows you to create statistics to analyze performance). Thus, they can check the consistency of the activity and achieve the objectives.