The Monitor cyclically monitors triggers: values ​​given by a sensor, level of progress of an operation, movements of stock, and other data known by myGus ... According to these values, the Monitor launches automated procedures that require zero intervention.

Then the Monitor catches the attention of operators by sending an email, an SMS, or using any other channel ...

Thus, the Monitor can:

  • Create a drying order and routing operations when a tipper is deposited in a drying area.
  • Change routing operation during the drying procedure, according to humidity readings. Drying times are optimized.
  • Initiate an automatic internal transfer as soon as it is necessary.
  • Feed quality results with automated temperature readings (PLC reading for example).
  • Communicate with PLCs to manage a manufacturing line, for example raise the alarm if the line goes down.
  • Monitor the volume realized in the context of a manufacturing order. As soon as a given level of progress is reached, the Monitor warns the manager. The latter can therefore plan the next order without losing a moment.
  • Monitor the status of a storage/picking location to automatically initiate replenishment orders.