The Gus³ system facilitates and optimizes the management of seed production while ensuring the traceability of flows. This applies from the request for production expressed by the contract giver until the harvest.

Meeting contract givers' needs: managing the planting of mother seeds

  • Production demands

The contract givers' requests are entered in iGus: the quantities that must be produced as well as the characteristics of the culture (stage, generation, type of culture, trade destination, sterility, genetic type, devices used for cultivation).

  • Propagation offers

The propagators' offers are specified: proposed surface, available means (parcels, storage), seeds which they prefer to produce.

  • The production plan: the adequacy between the contract givers' production demands and the propagators' offers.

From the production plan, the areas proposed by the propagators are assigned to the products present in the production demands. Thus, the Production plan screen is a real simulation tool. And you save time during the calculation phases such as, in particular, the parcel distribution calculation. Thus, with the iGus production module, it is easy to meet the contract givers' needs.

Manage relationships with propagators

  • Production contracts

IGus manages the modification of the contracts: the cancellation of a contract or the refusal of a part of the contract are entered and justified. So with iGus, contract management is even faster and more reliable.

Finally, once the contracts are established, it is possible to inform the contract givers and the customers of the production plan that has been programmed.

  • Prepare foundation seed deliveries

The quantity to be delivered for each product (or line) is calculated from the Contracts screen. Thus, iGus simplifies and makes deliveries to propagators more reliable. When mother seed batches are known, it is possible to edit the contracts in accordance with the formats required by the official certification bodies.

Manage activities in the fields: crop monitoring

  • Tracking crop events

With the Production Order screen, management by operation routing is possible. Thus, you can follow the main events related to crops: sowing, flowering, castration, visits of technicians sent by the official certification bodies (GNIS in France), harvest ... And you can associate them with quality analyses.

  • Crop monitoring with field notes

Qualitative and quantitative analyses (variety purity, crop accidents, health problems...) are entered instantly with myGus or later with iGus. They follow a quality plan that has been established from standards or from the particular requirements of some contract givers.

With myGus, technicians can easily enter their observations from agricultural parcels. Then, the data synchronize and become accessible in iGus or tiGus.

Thus, with iGus, you have a follow-up of crop progress.