With myGus, pack, it's weighed!

Posting packages can be a long and tedious step when preparing your orders. But when our procedural tool myGus gets stuck into it, it becomes child's play. And completion times are considerably reduced.

MyGus has access to all known data concerning the items shipped and the packaging items: weight, recipient, date of dispatch ... And we have made sure that the application is able to transmit this information to the web services of carriers, directly, and entirely independently. Thus, in the majority of cases, it is no longer necessary to weigh the packages. Furthermore, myGus declares them while packaging.

The corresponding labels are retrieved on the fly, in PDF or ZPL format (Zebra Programming Language) and can be glued immediately. As for the packing lists, they can be communicated systematically without slowing down the process. And no typing error can slip into it.

The experiment has been conducted for parcels sent with Colissimo or Chronopost, which use proprietary label formats. But it can very well be generalized to other carriers, because the Web service technology is really widespread...