Limit air holes in your containers and your storage capacity will gain altitude

In a seed plant, a golden rule applies: it is strictly forbidden to mix two separate batches of seeds in a single container!

So what to do when the crop arrives and the grain pours in? Because the number of your containers is far from being infinite. Worse: the better the crop, the more complex the logistics ...

To optimize the filling of your containers at the best of their capacity, without endangering the quality of the seed you produce, trust myGus , the procedural component of our software solution Gus³. In the heat of the moment, myGus can tell your forklift drivers if there is a batch compatible with the one they have just finished pouring and whose container is only partially filled.

The compatibility criteria are determined according to the business rules (same variety, same generation, same caliber, etc.). They are set in the ERP iGus. And in the field, myGus authorizes such an assembly only if these rules are strictly respected. If the conditions are fulfilled, the container will also be filled fully, on the fly, in compliance with the quality of the seed it contains. Moreover, the traceability of this very special batch will prove it!