At the Marlenheim seed station, the Comptoir Agricole have chosen myGus to automate the management of their by-products

For a little over a year, in the Marlenheim seed station, myGus, the procedural component of our integrated software solution Gus³, has been regulating the removal of by-products for our client Comptoir Agricole. And everyone enjoys!

At the weighbridge truck drivers do not need anyone. Thanks to myGus, its touch screen, its barcode reader and its printers, the drivers are totally autonomous to:

  • identify themselves when they arrive,
  • declare the nature of the by-products they must remove,
  • validate weighing (with and without loading),
  • access the storage area where the by-products will be loaded,
  • get their administrative documents on the fly (weight tickets, passage tickets, delivery notes ...).

Prints for the seed station are started from myGus. The documents are printed in the office as and when by-products are removed. So, as soon as they have been loaded, they are ready to be billed!

By-product stocks are automatically updated by the ERP iGus according to the data collected by myGus :

  • at the factory when by-products are brought to their storage area,
  • at the weighbridge when by-products are removed.

And everything is under control!