With the scheduler of Gus³, your teams prepare one sales order after another while your deliveries succeed one another. Quite simple.

The Scheduler is an optional service of our integrated software solution Gus³. Its mission ? Orchestrate the preparation of sales orders, to the best of your delivery priorities and of your teams. Once set up, the Scheduler automatically determines who should do what, when, in which order, and distributes the tasks accordingly. And you optimize!

In 10 years, the Scheduler has proven its worth in various sectors of activity, such as seed processing or the manufacturing of accessories and equipment for industrial vehicles. Whether its mission was to deliver truck spare parts or certified seed packets, the tool has always achieved its goals. And for good reason: it is able to determine priorities at a very fine level of complexity, and can easily adapt to a large variety of situations.

For more information on the Scheduler, feel free to consult our team.