iGus 2b001

The new version of iGus incorporates improvements that make everyday work easier, as well as major new features for working on production plans.


iGus now includes all contract formats, regardless of bundle. It is thus possible:

  • create a production plan and manage the allocation of parcels,
  • automatically generate the contracts from the production plan,
  • to plan deliveries,
  • to edit the corresponding contracts in the GNIS format,
  • to transmit the contract files to the GNIS via dedicated interfaces, which makes it possible to avoid re-entries in ContraSem.

Improved third-party management

With a better knowledge of the farmer:

  • Grazing,
  • unions
  • regions
  • And any other form of grouping ...


  • Order management now allows the division of work across multiple plants.


  • Taking into account the centralization of factories to streamline shipments and better distribute work,
  • Possibility of internal transfers using the external transfer mechanism, which improves the management of decentralized depots,
  • Added classifications, with which you can define your own BOMs, in addition to the iGus hierarchy.

Countdown and premiums

The powerful module of iGus now has a fully configurable multiplication count, taking into account all information known to iGus, for example, and without being exhaustive:

  • CVO calculations, CVRO,
  • Mutualization in CUMA,
  • Acquittal of social capital,
  • Waste sorting or sizing,
  • Medium or specific quality,
  • Scales of all kinds,
  • Etc.

Writes Generation

  • Writes generated by simple click,
  • Whatever the complexity:
    • feed mixtures,
    • reincorporations taking into account timeshares,
    • packaging pricing,
    • consumables,
    • storage costs,
    • quality,
    • additions on the number of occurrences,
    • manufacturing packages,
    • automated assets,
    • etc.
  • VAT taking into account the international,
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Royalties.


  • Edition of contracts in GNIS format whatever the species,
  • Sending files without going through ContraSem (and therefore without any re-keying),
  • Editing quality reports for the laboratory.

Standard Editions

New standard editions are emerging, including:

  • A BL adapting to all situations,
  • A bonus statement or fully configurable statements,
  • Bagging instructions,
  • Sowing instructions,
  • Labels for laboratory.

And the ability to edit a state from States and Queries, the tool that allows you to design your own reports and link them to the iGus ERP.


  • Better management of palletization,
  • New processes, including:
    • disinsection,
    • feed mixtures,
    • no fodder,
    • preparations of porridges,
    • chaining orders,
    • batch division,
    • etc.
  • Improvements in the management of nomenclatures.


  • Ability to disable stores, locations, while keeping the traceability of their history,
  • Adding a custom unit to the batch stock
  • Adjust the number of decimals in the screens.


Quality has new mechanisms that improve flow management:

  • Forecast quality,
  • Calculated quality,
  • Propagation of results,
  • Calculation of the choice and the action key with each new information,
  • Creation of the regression process,
  • Constitution of samples on article,
  • Automatic computations of aggregation of results (eg 100 calculation of germination).


Improvements to the standard interface:

  • Unification of consolidation procedures for more accuracy and performance in trading, using the proven consolidation principle of myGus,
  • Management of the attempts, facilitating the monitoring of the exchanges and the warning of the operators concerned in the event of non transmission, without rotting of their mailbox,
  • Preparation of the export of the entries to the accounts,
  • Establishment of a global monitor, monitoring the smooth operation of exchanges.

Business Objects

The Business Objects universes have been revised to take into account the improvements of the 2b001, in particular the objects concerning the scripts.