Pour a few doses of constraints, stir and it's ready!

Our software solutions now integrate the simplex algorithm ! Thanks to this linear programming tool (also called linear optimization tool), it is possible to mathematically solve an equation based on several parameterizable criteria.

Animal feeding is a very good example. Thus, take the case of a dairy cow which is expected to yield a lot. For this, the beast will need a suitable diet. With the simplex algorithm, you generate the food rations which meet your constraints (types of food, maximum cost of the ration ...): the rations which will come out of this calculation will be optimized according to your objectives.

You can also trust the simplex algorithm to obtain the best possible compensation per seed batch: it will find the right dosage for you in order to distribute inferior quality batches into superior quality batches, while complying with standards.

And if a constraint proved to be limiting? Then you would know it, and you would rectify!