Payable seed weights: easy-peasy!

Depending on your industrial tool, you may have had to assemble seed batches from different propagators. Maybe you have dried several batches in one drying cell? Maybe you have gathered parts of batches in a same drying bin, to dry them again? Depending on the case, calculating the weight of dry grains received per propagator can become a real headache ...

Thanks to our new algorithm, these shares are obtained simply and quickly, and even per tipper received! This powerful algorithm relies on traceability data, which it runs through recursively. The calculations are reliable, precise and apply regardless of the process step concerned. You can even determine the share of any batch in a bagging process, or in a delivery process!

In addition, these calculations provide a lot of flexibility to your seed station because they free you from heavy administrative procedures such as oven series, control samples, etc.