Open BaaN!

tiGus is one of the 3 components of our Gus³ offer. This communication tool gives you access to information in the form of ready-to-use dashboards. Thanks to its tiGus / BaaN plug, these dashboards can be installed directly on the BaaN ERP database. And the treasure is yours! You can then exploit the mountain of data that lies dormant in BaaN, easily and cheaply!

In the course of our practice of the Baan ERP, we have developed several dashboards with specific aims, such as:

  • Business : estimates the total cost of a project from all the elements it includes (parts, labor, purchase orders, maintenance, routing operations...),
  • Finance : groups all the accounting entries,
  • Justification of 408 : details the contents of the account of accrued invoices (in France, it is the account 408).

But we can also develop dashboards tailored to specific needs.