The Monitor keeps a weather eye on your stock, wherever it is

It all started when the seed station of Saint Sylvain, belonging to  the Agrial group, asked us for a solution to simplify exchanges with their logistics supplier Letna.

The solution we proposed is based on the Monitor. The latter identifies the stock movements, then transmits them to the logistics supplier, completely autonomously. And it's convenient because it's automatic!

The logistics supplier receive the information they need (article code, certification batch number such as the batch number for the GNIS in France, quantity, etc.) in the format of their own management system, even before the shipment arrives. And if the SSCC code is used to identify pallets, the teams in place can perform the reception, directly. They can also handle the storage or the shipping of a sales order, without having to re-label. 

Decidedly, when the Monitor keeps a weather eye open, you can sleep like a baby... and even dream of a holiday in the sun!


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