Setting sails for Gus³… does not go against the grain

Many of you have participated in our treasure map game. Thank you and congratulations to all of you, explorers of solutions for the management of process industries! And congratulations to our great winner Delphine (from Top Semence), to whom we wish a very pleasant stay in Mallorca, under the sun obviously.

The solution to the game was Gus³ will soon be going for a makeover! Because the treasure is Gus³, precisely. We expect the new version of our offer Gus³ will be operational for the 2019 campaign.

Imagine the 3 components of Gus³ united in a single interface, and everything being at your fingertips! With such benefits as: increased security, enhanced functionalities, without forgetting all the new products that we have concocted for you.

And for more details on the contents of the treasure, read the article Gus³ will soon be going for a makeover!