With our software solution Gus³, optimize your combined deliveries ... without puzzling them out!

In July 2010, a group of international researchers demonstrated by exhaustive calculation that it is possible to solve any Rubik's Cube in a maximum of twenty moves (allowing clockwise and anticlockwise turns).

With our software solution Gus³ :
  • What maximum number of moves will it take your forklift drivers to prepare, in the minimum time, the pallets of basic seeds for your propagators?
  • By what original combination of moves our software solution Gus³ will make you save a lot, actually quite a lot, of time?
  • In what enormous proportion can this time-saving be increased, knowing that Gus³ limits making U-turns, going back and forth, criss-crossing, handling and traffic jams in your storage aisles?
Our own researchers have the answers!
So, to know everything about the means to optimize your combined deliveries, according to the resolution methods of Gus³, contact our team...