For the drying of your propagation contracts, myGus ticks the right boxes

Do you want to receive your propagation contracts at best, considering the capacity of your drying facilities, and in less time than it takes to say? MyGus, the procedural component of our integrated software solution Gus³, has the procedure you need. Story of a procedure ...

A truck arrives at the entrance of your seed station. It delivers the first load of the crop of a propagator with whom you have a contract.

At the weighbridge, the truck driver declares the propagation contract number on the touch screen of myGus. It's an open sesame: immediately, myGus selects the drying facilities whose total capacity is the most appropriate to receive the entire contract, all deliveries combined.

To make this selection, myGus uses data already entered in the ERP iGus :

  • the storage capacity and availability of each drying facility in your seed station,
  • the estimated total weight of the contract, calculated from the number of hectares of the contract and its forecast yield per hectare.

And you can be sure that the filling ratio proposed by myGus is optimal!

To start the reception, it remains only to validate the proposal of the software. As for your synoptic, it will only have to be beautiful...


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