With the new certification interface of CertiGus you can also declare your batches of seed mixes to the GNIS with your eyes closed !

A new certification interface enriches the range of tools already existing in CertiGus, the certification module integrated into our ERP iGus. This seventh interface is specifically dedicated to batches of cereal and forage seed mixes. It has been designed on the same model as our standard declaration interface for batches of pure varieties, which we created about ten years ago.

Of course, the files generated by iGus in the context of the declaration of batches of seed mixes are, for obvious reasons of traceability, much more complex than the files generated in the context of the declaration of batches of pure varieties. But from the point of view of the user, the new interface is as easy and quick to use as the standard certification interface: we have been careful not to upset the work habits of users, concerning an extremely meticulous and repetitive task.

Let's remind that with CertiGus, you do not need to re-enter the certification data to generate the certification files for the GNIS. You just have to press the button, literally. Because the data to be exported are already in the ERP iGus, either because they have been entered or because they have been generated, as and when operations have been carried out in the seed station:

  • manufacturing data: batch number, batch quantity, packaging;
  • data related to the use of batches of certificates provided by the GNIS : serial numbers of certificates consumed for each manufacturing order, number of certificates rendered unusable due to printing problems, number of certificates unused or rendered unusable during the implementation of the manufacturing order.

So, the data security is really total. In addition, CertiGus knows by heart the standards imposed by the GNIS, and can very easily be adapted to other standards. Thanks to its test mode, you can check your certification data before sending your files. And in the event of an anomaly, you are alerted immediately!

For more information about our new certification interface, do not hesitate to consult our experts. They will guide you to the solution that suits you!