Guys*, if you are tired of taking many steps, then what you should take is Gus³ 

The sales order scheduler is a service of our software solution Gus³. Its mission? Orchestrate your order preparations at best, taking into account your urgency, your resources and your constraints. With the scheduler, you will sure deliver better, faster and ... more zen !
It all starts with a powerful configuration: that of YOUR delivery priorities. Even though the tool is provided with a standard configuration, it can also be customized at will.
Once configured, the order scheduler automatically determines, in real time, the order and conditions under which your order lines must be prepared, so that your priorities and your delivery criteria are met. And if your priorities change, you just have to change the settings!
You can determine your delivery priorities from an infinite number of criteria:
  • the availability of items,
  • stockouts and the ways to possibly remedy them (manufacturing process, purchases, etc.),
  • the typology of your customers (market place, plant grower, etc.),
  • the nature of the order (counter order, internet ...),
  • the delivery date,
  • the delivery period (high season, season, low season ...),
  • the carrier lift time,
  • the estimated preparation times,
  • your order pickers' skills,
  • the preparation places (warehouse, workshop, depot, etc.),
  • the necessary tools,
  • the geographical proximity of the picking addresses,
  • etc.
Everything will of course depend on your activity and your delivery strategy. But as the scheduler is capable of determining priorities at a very fine level of complexity, it can adapt very easily to a wide variety of situations.
In addition, the scheduler can be coupled to myGus, the procedural component of our software solution Gus³. The objective is to control each stage of the preparation of orders, from picking to packaging, in order to guarantee that the packages comply with the order lines and your contract givers' possible requirements.
And to push the optimization of order preparation even further, while limiting traffic jams in the storage aisles, it is also possible to couple the order scheduler to the Salvo mode of our software solution Gus³.
In 10 years, the scheduler has proven its worth in various activity sectors, such as seed processing or the manufacturing of accessories and equipments for industrial vehicles. Whether its mission was to deliver sachets of certified seeds or spare parts for trucks, the tool always reached its goals. When it did not exceed them!
For more information on the sales order scheduler of Gus³, consult our iGus Seeds page or contact our team.

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*: Ra petit, a cult nursery rhyme, sung and danced, in the no less cult french TV show "Le Petit Rapporteur"