1 integrated software solution Gus³,

1 cube for 3 components: iGus ERP, myGus procedures, tiGus dashboards.

1 ERP to ensure the traceability of stock movements from start to finish.

1 procedural component myGus and

1 barcode reader for scanning items in the field.

0 raccoon.


1 brand new screen that is named Inventory.

3 tabs in the brand new screen, to do everything:

1 first tab to reserve the stocks to be inventoried, precisely;

1 second tab to compare the theoretical quantities and the quantities found, after counting, obviously;

1 third tab to explain, justify the discrepancies, quickly.

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1 powerful filter for targeting the stocks that you want to inventory, as finely as possible.

3 selection levels: per warehouse, per location, per container.

1 color code to facilitate work and inventory tracking, visually.

3 colors displayed by iGus, automatically :

1 white color when stocks are ok straightaway;

1 orange color to indicate the discrepancies that need to be explained;

1 green color once the discrepancies have been justified.

1 quantity of corrected values, as few as possible: iGus looks out for squalls but to err is human.

0 raccoon.


1 life size test performed.

1 inventoried stock, the same as last year.

3,5 inventory days last year.

1,5 inventory day this year.

2 inventory days saved for

12 people who worked.

1 very good inventory, without bragging.

1 integrated software solution Gus³ that is more and more complete.

1 terrific search engine optimization, except maybe for the raccoon.

Besides ... still no raccoon !