Take advantage of the intelligence of our integrated software solution Gus³ to plan and create your manufacturing orders on the fly, while securing your processes

What do you want to do with this batch of seeds? With our integrated software solution Gus³, you do not have to go back to the office to plan the next manufacturing order. Indeed, wherever you are in the seed station, and whatever the stage of transformation of the batch, the list of the operations compatible with the status of the batch is suggested to you by myGus, the procedural component of Gus³. Calibration? Bulb cleaning? Bagging ...? Whatever operation you want, simply select it on the touchscreen of myGus. The latter then asks the ERP iGus, the guardian of quality and traceability, the authorization to start manufacturing.

With Gus³, your quality constraints will be respected to the letter

If the manufacturing operation you have requested is possible, iGus generates for you the corresponding manufacturing order, for immediate implementation by myGus. Thus, over time and processes, you avoid many tedious administrative data inputs. But if iGus identifies one single reason for not starting the operation (the batch has been reserved for another operation, is subject to quality control, etc.), then the ERP will veto! With the system Gus³, you are free to take initiatives and improvise with the flow, but you will never put the quality of your seeds at risk.

With Gus³, automate all the operations that can be

Your transformation processes can include unavoidable, predictable, or programmed manufacturing operations. They can also be conditioned by certain triggers, such as a level of humidity, of temperature, a stock movement ...

So, if you receive a batch of wheat at your seed station, your only manufacturing option will be to initiate a sorting operation. If it is a batch of corn, it will be a husking operation. And if the Monitor, our continuous monitoring system, for example detects that a tipper has been placed on a drying location, guess what will happen next ...

For each of these operations, an order must be created in iGus. Traceability is at this price. But in all these cases, iGus can do without your validation, and create the next manufacturing order automatically, completely autonomously. And during this time, you can focus on topics that require all your vigilance.

And if the operation does not impact the quality of the batch, such as when, for example, a container is moved? So the procedural component myGus will suffice, with all the flexibility that characterizes it!