With Gus³, manage your compound articles with even more simplicity

The BOM screen of our ERP iGus evolves, to bring even more comfort and efficiency to the management of your compound articles.
From now on, you can view all your compound articles at a glance, and consult the detail of each BOM with a single click. This gives you faster and easier access to the information you need for entering your compound articles and managing their manufacturing, in the short, medium or longer term.

Our ERP iGus adapts to all types of compound articles:

  • whatever the way they are managed (batch or not),
  • whatever their nature (seeds, treatment slurry, other consumables, etc.),
  • whatever the complexity of the induced tree structures, especially when a component is itself a compound article.

When your components are expressed in different units (kg, liters, thousands of grains ...), iGus gives you the possibility of entering them in net quantities rather than percentages. This functionality is very practical, especially when you have to manage the manufacturing of a dose of finished product, which consumes seeds, treatment product, one or more labels, a bag, and why not a little thread…

Once you have configured your compound article, iGus automatically offers, as and when manufacturing operations are planned, the list of available raw materials whose quality is compatible. Then you just have to select the articles that interest you.

Then, iGus automatically calculates the quantities required for all the components you have entered, in strict compliance with the proportions you have indicated, then reserves them immediately. This allows you to avoid reservations of raw materials that are often long, tedious and all the more risky as your BOM is complex.

In case of stock shortages, iGus can even offer you one or more alternative solutions, depending on stock availability. In this perspective, you just have to declare the articles likely to replace your components, when you configure your BOM.

Thus, for seed-type articles, the proposals of iGus can take several forms: similar varieties, identical varieties but which may present differences in generation, treatment, packaging, etc.

And as iGus gives you the possibility to specify an effective date and an expiration date for each component used, you also manage the evolution of your compound articles, in complete safety!