Manage your silo batches in utter peace and quiet

Once upon a time, there were 6 batches poured into a silo: here is the route of a silo batch, when it is managed by our software solution Gus³...

  • Gus³ guarantees the compatibility of the batches poured into a silo: safety is total! And since the checks performed by the software are fully automatic, you won't even have to worry about them!
  • Gus³ also guarantees the full traceability of these very particular batches, without overloading its kernel. The software even gives you the choice between two levels of traceability! So, for example, you can decide to manage the contents of your silo globally, as you would do for the contents of a hopper. But you can also opt for a much finer level of traceability, thanks to an original mechanism proposed by Gus³. With this second option, you can for example target as accurately as possible the materials to be recalled in the event of quality problems.
  • Gus³ also guarantees quality monitoring, in real time. Indeed, the software calculates in complete autonomy a certain number of key values, such as the TKW.
And that is how, with Gus³ , the management of your silo batches becomes child's play. So do, do, do ... do 6 batches in one silo ... Of course, there could have been more batches, at the very least! But to be told the long version of the silo batch management according to Gus³, you'll have to contact our team !