Opt for multi-order picking, thanks to the Salvo mode of our integrated software solution Gus³

Whichever method you use to manage your inventory outflows (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO…), the Salvo mode of our integrated software solution Gus³ will help you optimize your deliveries, by giving you the possibility of grouping your sales order preparations per proximity of storage locations and picking routes. Gus³ already included a WMS*; it now has a totally innovative functionality!


Software and logistics intelligence

If the principle is simple, the calculation is complex. It requires all the intelligence of Gus³ :

  • the power of its ERP iGus, for which your stocks have no secrets: quantity (weight, volume…), quality (batch number…), picking addresses, various movements;
  • the security of its procedural tool myGus which, associated with coding systems such as barcode readers and/or RFID microchips, transmits stock movements to the ERP without needing to enter them;
  • the relevance of its order scheduling service, able to select the right orders at the most appropriate times and places.

The Salvo mode is the result of the alliance between the software intelligence of Gus³ and logistical solutions adapted to contexts and delivery objectives. This approach aims to optimize the number of sales orders prepared, while limiting the number of steps and handling that your sales order pickers will have to perform.


Tailor-made tools for big rates

As you are following a picking route anyway, best take as many references as possible, according to proximity criterion. And as you are holding the items in your hands, best sort them directly per sales order, on the fly, without waiting for the packaging step.

This is how we came to design, in close collaboration with one of our clients, very specific picking trolleys, tailored to the requirements of the situation.

These trolleys made it possible to combine the picking and sorting of the items ordered, while respecting pre-existing packaging constraints: volume of the packages used, shipping standards such as Chronopost, Colissimo, etc.

And the results were not long in coming. They even exceeded our expectations: the number of order pickers has been halved while the number of lines of articles delivered per day is constantly increasing!


Everything is under immediate, systematic and exhaustive control

Follow the guide ! In the storage aisles, myGus manages every step and every gesture of your order pickers, following a very precise itinerary and picking order: once the procedure has been validated, improvising is out of the question!

Your order pickers activate their barcode reader at each key stage of the procedure: inventory movements are recorded in real time.
Anomalies, if any, are detected on the fly, before the packages have been sent to your customers. Errors are corrected on time, more easily and quickly. And as our procedural tool myGus is user-friendly and easy to use, the training of your teams remains minimalist.

(*) WMS : Warehouse Management System

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