Let there be light thanks to the RA file

In order to be certified, the seed must prove that it complies with the requirements set by the official seed inspection and certification bodies (in France, it is the GNIS). And that's precisely when the RA file enters the scene. It is an automated interface that manages the certification data. It is at the crossroads of multiple quality constraints. With the RA file, the analysis results just have to behave!

Thanks to the RA file, you can:

  • adapt iGus to the analyzes required by the official seed inspection and certification bodies (these analyzes are carried out by your accredited laboratory),
  • use a set of formulas to calculate a synthetic analysis result from several analysis results,
  • detect any anomalies before they block the certification (omission of a mandatory analysis, inconsistency of batch characteristics, missing results, parameter errors, etc.),
  • export the validated data without delay, without having to wait for batches that are not ready.

In addition, our application tiGus proposes a dedicated dashboard that presents all of these data in a synthetic way. It will tell you what data is transmitted and what data still needs to be ...


RA: Results of Analyses