You will go in for subtleties when you assign your agricultural parcels

Through the application Cartography, the production technicians of the seed stations equipped with our ERP iGus can now generate their production plans from an interactive map. Detailed, precise and full of data from iGus, this map provides invaluable strategic aid for an optimal distribution of agricultural parcels, while respecting very precise specifications for crop isolation and rotation.

This map makes it possible to locate and visualize the parcels while differentiating cadastral parcels from areas that are cultivable, cultivated, not cultivated or programmed for the cultivation of this or that variety. Thanks to StreetView you can generally view them as if you were there. It is even possible to measure distances using the rule provided by the application and to draw surfaces whose total area will be calculated automatically.

Cartography: general overview

A single click activates or deactivates the display of the surface pollination perimeter. Combined, for example, with the observation of natural or artificial obstacles (forests, dikes, buildings ...) likely to impact the pollination of crops, this display helps you spot immediately any pollination conflict, potential or proven. And avoid it! The application can therefore be particularly efficient in the case of multiplication contracts related to certain species, such as maize, which require strict geographic isolation per variety.

Cartography: overview of the pollination zone of a cultivated area

You can also customize the map, adding elements such as obstacles, or GPS points to place the tippers in the right places and, when the time comes, take delivery of crops safely. In addition, this map is based on data from Google Maps and can therefore benefit from its regular updates.

All management information generated through the card is instantly linked to theIGus ERP. Thus, from thread to needle, production plans are drawn while limiting data entry.

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