Gus³ plays its first game in German

For the seed station ZG Raiffeisen, our first German client, our offer Gus³ includes the translation, in German, of its 3 components: the ERP iGus, the procedures myGus and the dashboards tiGus

Of course, an English version of Gus³ already existed. But not everyone speaks English at ZG Raiffeisen, in particular at the Heitersheim seed station. A German version was therefore necessary.

Thanks to the translation module of our ERP iGus, we can integrate the terminology used daily by the teams of ZG Raiffeisen. For example, it is possible to translate the French word "lot" by "lot" in German. But we have retained the German word "partie" to meet the specific needs of our client.

All user modules of our ERP iGus have been translated, except for the certification module CertiGus. Indeed, the latter must first be adjusted to the specific features of the German market.

The next step will be to translate the dashboards of the application tiGus, knowing that the first tests carried out were very promising.

Finally, we plan to translate a first series of procedures myGus by next July.

And the game is just beginning ...


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