On the menu, automatic updating of data ... à la carte!

For a long time, seed stations equipped with the ERP iGus have had access to a file containing the third party details of their cooperative, and the related information (contact details, possible links with a warehouse, solvency ...).

This file is updated automatically, once a day in general. That's why we call it a Tank. The data in this file have been copied from the cooperative central file and have been put iniGusformat. They can therefore be copied directly into the information system of seed stations equipped withiGus.

Until now, these copies of copies were not updated. But one more step has just been taken! From now on, the seed stations can, if they wish, program the automatic updating of these copies of copies.

Moreover, these updates are à la carte! They can be total or partial, concern only certain data or reservoirs. Thus, day after day, seed stations can be sure that their data are kept up-to-date, while preserving those that do not come from the central file of the cooperative!