Our training is rich

From February XNUMX to XNUMX, XNUMX, we organized our first bilingual English / German training courses in Heitersheim, in Germany, for our client ZG Raiffeisen . The courses were given in German, while the training materials used were in English. This is how we have launched several training manuals on our ERP iGus : Pilots, Production and Manufacturing & Warehousing.

Other training manuals have also been translated. Here is the updated list:


> Read the article ''Gus³ in English'

> Read the article ''Gus³ in German'

> Read the article ''Business Questionnaire'

> Read the article ''Deployment Gus³ + 1'

> Read the article ''SemWare Worldwide Company'

> Do not hesitate to consult the list of training courses.