Labels with chips RFID tags integrated… And your pallets will be well kept!

RFID tags are used more and more in the world of industry. They represent a good step forward compared to barcodes. And for good reason ... They are more robust, can contain a larger amount of data. And the applications are varied.

You can for example identify a pallet using the tag RFID integrated in the label which will be stuck on the pallet at the end of the bagging process. You just have to insert in the tag all the information you need: username, code SSCC, manufacturing date, number of pieces ... and even the number of each of the bags on the pallet! It is practical, and formidably effective in traceability!

And as we do not stop progress, it is also possible to use an adequate printer language (language ZPL with ZEBRA printer ...) for printing labels with tag RFID integrated.