Supporting our customers also means training them in the use of our software solutions, while contributing to the building of the professional training path of each of our trainees.

SemWare, official professional training provider

SemWare has been an official professional training provider since August 19, 2013, registered under number 73 31 06998 31 with the Prefecture of the Midi-Pyrénées region (this registration does not constitute approval by the State). 

In addition, SemWare obtained Qualiopi quality certification on March 24, 2022.

        Qualiopi quality certification was issued under the following action category: TRAINING ACTIONS
        Consult the Qualiopi Certificate

This certification guarantees that our training:
  • meet all the quality criteria defined in the framework of the National Reference Framework on the expected quality of actions contributing to skills development,
  • obey a dynamic of constant improvement of the training processes implemented,
  • can be funded by skills organizations (OPCO).

A complete training offer

We offer around twenty complementary training courses. They are aimed primarily at our customers, users of the software solutions that we create and market.
We also provide training on the technologies and applications we use:


Download our Training Catalog

Our catalog is available in French version and English version.

Training objectives tailored to your needs

Our training courses aim to promote optimal use of our software solutions by our customers, which requires:
  • the adaptation of users to their workstations,
  • the development of their skills,
  • the acquisition, maintenance and / or improvement of their knowledge.
In addition, specific educational objectives are defined for each training course, depending on the needs of our customers as well as the contents covered.

An evolving training offer

We adapt and develop our training courses according to three main criteria:

  • the needs of our customers, assessed with precision for each training course, using an adapted questionnaire,
  • the evolution of our software solutions : improvement of existing software, creation of new tools ...
  • the evolution of the technologies and applications that we use.

Experienced trainers

Our trainers are multidisciplinary and experienced consultants, staff members of SemWare.
They have extensive knowledge of our software solutions and are committed on a daily basis to their implementation with our customers.
Involved and attentive, our trainers are able to accurately assess the specific needs of each of our customers and set, in agreement with the latter, realistic, appropriate and verifiable educational objectives.
In addition, the relationship we have with our customers makes these training courses great occasions for sharing and discussion, with conviviality and good humor.

"SemWare-made" training manuals

We design and write our training manuals, for each of our training courses on our software solutions.
Each trainee systematically receives, at the start of the training, a copy of the manual corresponding to the training provided.
In addition, to meet the language needs of our non-French speaking clients, we also offer our training manuals and internships in English.
And we can also provide our training courses in German, and even in Dutch!

Disability and training

Upon clarification by our clients of the nature of the handicap or handicaps, we study with them suitable accommodation solutions, relying on the expertise and advice of specialized organizations and networks of identified experts, such as the list of RHF contacts proposed by Agefiph...

Evaluation of learning

Each training course represents an additional opportunity to improve our training offer, qualitatively and quantitatively, and to perfect our services. This is why we insist on evaluating precisely the satisfaction and achievements of each trainee, during and after the training.

"Home" training

Our training courses are provided at our customers' premises.
In terms of equipment, one computer per trainee and an internet connection are sufficient.
As for the data handled during the training courses, they are always those of our test database!

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