A variety of operational editions

You have more than 50 reports:

  • Reports on stocks (seeds, consumables) and reservations.
  • Management of MO (manufacturing order): available per MO type, MO evaluation, tracking sheets; these tracking sheets apply to all manufacturing and warehousing operations, such as initial reception or bulk delivery.
  • Reports on quality, traceability, batch constitution.
  • Order plannings, comparison between ordered quantities and realized quantities.
  • Pre-billing and stock record account.

List of states

Business Objects, the power of the data center

The data center is the ideal tool for the contract giver, to query all data (product lines, product, articles, stocks, quality, manufacturing, stock record account, traceability) and cross this information per location, per date, per nature of article, per type of seed ...

4 "universe" provide you with 500 "topics" and more.

With the data center, you are guaranteed to access your data without the help of a computer engineer.