CertiGus, a seed certification module in iGus

  • Save certificate stocks. 
  • Destroy certificates.
  • View certificate stocks.
  • View certification movements. 
  • Take back certified batches. 
  • Certify a batch via an order.
  • Assign printed certificates to seed batches.
  • Decertify a batch consumed in a manufacturing order.
  • Perform a certified manufacturing order.
  • Mark a batch as certified when it enters the seed station.
  • Decertify incoming stocks.
  • Manage "carry-over" batches: mass decertification.
  • Launch the interfaces of the official certification bodies (Semae in France).
  • Manage the registers of the official certification bodies (Semae in France).
  • Edit interfaces, official reports (such as LT56 LT57 LT58 for Semae in France), official labels (SOC in France) and stocks of certificates, in compliance with the standards imposed by the official certification bodies.

And all this very easily!

Certification today

  • Monitoring certification and decertification: this task is heavy and mandatory.
  • Certification tasks: they are present during manufacturing as well as for incoming and outgoing stocks.
  • The software that manages the certification: it is isolated from the rest of the Information System.
  • The link between manufacturing and certification / decertification: this is done by manually re-entering the data, which sometimes generates penalizing errors.
  • Certification: it is part of the image of the seed company in its environment (contract givers, official certification bodies such as Semae in France).

CertiGus objectives

  • Obtain maximum coupling between iGus and certification to avoid re-entering data and to help the agents responsible for certification in the best possible way.
  • Integrate certification tasks into “hot spots”: initial reception / manufacturing orders / deliveries.
  • Federate certification and realization of manufacturing orders.
  • Manage certificates and certificate stocks (eg official labels, such as SOC labels in France).
  • Interface with official certification bodies (Semae in France).
  • Upstream: manage official codification data (Semae in France).
  • Downstream: easily generate periodic declarations (certification / decertification).
  • Downstream: easily generate annual declarations ("carry-over" batches that are certified / not certified / downgraded).

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  • Save time and increase reliability when manufacturing orders are in progress.
  • Facilitate organization by distributing tasks among operators.
  • Increase the responsiveness of the control system by using reliable and up-to-date data.
  • Do without a specialized PC (except for printing).