With IGus, you can save the quality results per batch, container, sample. IGus can also interface with a laboratory management.

The screen used to enter the quality results adjusts dynamically: you see only the analyzes you want to enter.

The batch carries the quality. A batch is qualified by its:

  • Characteristics: year of production, country of origin, size, tray, presence of GMOs, comments (doubtful), genetic type, method of cultivation (organic or standard), etc.
  • Results of analysis: germination (germination capacity, cold test), specific purity, certification, Kernel/kg or TKW, quality of field production.

By automatic or manual classification, you can assign both a choice code that summarizes the quality of the batch and an action code that determines the evolution of this batch.

Depending on this action, the batch will be chosen or not for manufacturing operations.

Batch Properties

Customizing quality

The notion of "quality profile" materializes the succession of manufacturing and quality control stages. Thanks to this profile, each product line has its own itinerary. It is thus possible to code rules such as:

  • Corn must be batch constituted.
  • Cereals can only be delivered after certification.

The specific links between manufacturing and quality guide the seed station and constitute a real workflow.

Manufacturing is driven by quality.

The batch constitution (corn) is an original operation which aims to create truly homogeneous batches and thus to control the problem of the number of grains per bag, for species managed in doses.

Inheritance transfers, from an upstream batch to a downstream batch, all or part of the characteristics and analysis results; the inheritance is configurable.

Batch monitoring

Thus, with iGus, you can manage quality in a personalized way. However, note also that myGus has a complementary labeling module that streamlines the management of samples in the laboratory: the samples are provided with a label; it is therefore possible to identify them and to show the start date of each one of them.