IGUS is a complete technical ERP integrating the functions necessary for seed stations:

  • Production: monitoring of agricultural crops.
  • Reception: in particular, the harvests, which guarantees batch traceability.
  • Storage: the exact location of a container is memorized and the traceability of the movements is complete.
  • Batch quality: it drives seed processing throughout the process.
  • Manufacturing: seed processing, from raw material to finished product inside the seed station; each step is recorded to ensure traceability.
  • Certification: transmission of data to official control bodies.
  • Sales and forecasts.
  • Deliveries.
  • Invoicing and payment: the rules can be very complex for seed companies.

The history

The iGus software package was developed within the framework of France Maïs Union, with the following objectives:

  • Be an operational tool in production cooperatives.
  • Federate cooperative activities and data into a center.
  • Transfer the requests from contract givers; inform them about the achievements.

IGus was then adapted to meet the needs of seed stations and contract givers. Thanks to this genesis, iGus has become a tool for both the factory and the contract givers, as well as the hub for operational information.

IGus has been in operation since August 2000. By design, iGus is a business concentrate in software packaging.


IGus was developed by and for seed professionals. IGus is a concentrate of experience in the service of seed manufacturing. Benefits :

  • Multi product lines: originally, iGus was designed to handle corn; today, iGus treats all seeds.
  • Multi site: iGus can federate the activity of the contract givers.
  • Multi contract giver: iGus is also a tool for subcontractors; thus, a site can be fully managed.
  • Multi process: iGus can handle all industrial manufacturing processes.
  • Quality requirement: iGus aims to permanently manage the interaction between manufacturing and quality in the seed station. As such, iGus is also a tool for seed laboratories.

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