The permanent link with the pilot system: asynchronous myGus

MyGus divides your activities into sites. A site is a unit of place: a factory, an isolated warehouse. Each site is equipped with one or more myGus data acquisition servers (the myGus relay). Each server automatically takes its data from the pilot system.

The acquisition server provides the link between the pilot system and the terminals. The connection between the myGus acquisition server and the pilot system is asynchronous: the acquisition server is autonomous in the event of a network failure.

Each terminal has its own database. It automatically receives its data from the acquisition server. The connection between the acquisition server and the portable terminals is asynchronous: the portable terminals are autonomous in the event of loss of the wireless signal or in the event of unavailability of the acquisition server.


In conclusion, the myGus software is completely independent: it is asynchronous at all levels (interface with your ERP, acquisition terminals); thus, it is autonomous if the link with your ERP is interrupted (network, hardware or software problem) or if a terminal is not covered by the network.

MyGus within the company


Bonus of myGus

  • Adaptability to all management and control applications (SAP, Oracle applications, BaaN, Sage, etc.).
  • Intelligent acquisition module, able to adapt as needed, by simple configuration.
  • Functional Modularity, by adding components (weighing, stock, support for the manufacturing process, management of receptions...).
  • Development of functionalities on request.