MyGus PLC and myGus Supervision are two complementary tools serving better synergies between systems. Thus, you can communicate with any type of PLC via an Open Platform Communications (OPC) server. The graphical interface is user-friendly and easy to use: it displays all the essential data in the form of an interactive dashboard.



MyGus PLC is the service created to manage communications between an OPC server connected to the PLCs and the supervision system. MyGus PLC writes and reads information on the OPC server connected to the PLC, according to requests and needs.

Then, myGus Automate discusses on the one hand with myGus Supervision (the dashboard), on the other hand with the database. And at the end of the chain, myGus communicates with the PLC(s).

The functionalities of myGus Automate:

  • Performing the requested readings at regular intervals (e.g.: periodic temperature and humidity readings of a box dryer).
  • Transmission of information to supervision.
  • Returning information to the myGus relay.

The advantages of MyGus Automate:

  • Management of alerts: thanks to the settings, MyGus Automate can alert the dashboard of MyGus Supervision,
  • Preservation of all your data.


MyGus Supervision

With MyGus Supervision, the data relating to the PLCs are returned in the form of dashboards, quickly and easily. MyGus Supervision uses Gantt charts and grafcets. Thus, the application offers a user-friendly human / machine interface adapted to the industrial environment: you can follow, easily and in real time, the operations carried out by the PLCs and the operations to come.

Thus, MyGus Supervision gives you access to important information and makes it easy to monitor your activity.


How MyGus Supervision works:

You create a manufacturing order. It appears on the myGus Supervision dashboard. This dashboard is a Gantt chart very complete, adapted to the management of routing operations. It is accompanied by a grafcet representing the PLCs and their status. The sequencing of routing operations, by default, is represented there. The routing operations can be received from the pilot system. In addition, you can view the complete history of each PLC.


The above example illustrates the case of an automatic drying box type. A list of drying boxes is displayed on the operator screen. This list includes several data: the variety being dried, the manufacturing order number and the last humidity reading, with the corresponding diagram. If the operators want more details, they click on the line concerned and a popup window appears. This displays all the important information (see the window entitled "General Information" above).

Finally, with myGus Supervision, you can view quality analysis results. You can also enter additional results that have not been transmitted by the PLCs. The results are displayed as graphs (with automatic refresh): for example, the humidity and temperature of a drying facility, or any other component, for a given period.