MyGus, its asynchronous operation

MyGus works asynchronously with respect to the interface of your ERP and with respect to its terminals.

  • MyGus is autonomous. If your ERP or the link to your ERP is interrupted for one reason or another (network problem, hardware problem, software problem), your activity continues with myGus.
  • MyGus terminals are autonomous. Even if the link between your terminal and myGus interrupts (no network coverage, transmitter failure, reinforced concrete wall), your employees continue to work with their terminals.

MyGus, a highly automated productive software solution

Automation is present in all the compartments of myGus:

  • Automatic edition,
  • Automatic transition from one screen to another screen, as part of a sequence or through management rules,
  • Automated procedure.

Users only need to enter the productive data:

  • The controls are native. Example: "Is the article in stock in this warehouse?",
  • You do not need to develop interactive controls to maintain the consistency of your tables.

Reduced implementation and rock-solid flexibility

MyGus is based on a finite number of processes in the area of ​​distribution and manufacturing. Thus, its configuration gives you:

  • A reduced number of days of implementation,
  • The ability to edit processes yourself, quickly and easily,
  • No development.

The key words of myGus: simple and user-friendly

MyGus is simple and user-friendly:

  • The training of operators does not take more than half a day,
  • The graphical interface is very sophisticated,
  • The number of clicks is reduced to the strict minimum.

MyGus interfaces with all the ERP of the market:

  • Sage, SAP, BaaN ...
  • Your own home software!

MyGus, multilingual software

  • MyGus incorporates the procedures in the language you want,
  • MyGus guarantees that your procedures will be followed to the letter, whatever the country where they will be implemented.

To conclude:

  • You save time and increase reliability during the realization of manufacturing orders,
  • MyGus adapts to your production according to your processes,
  • The operators are autonomous, even in case of network failure,
  • The tasks are distributed among the operators, which facilitates the organization,
  • The responsiveness of the pilot system increases because the data is reliable and up to date,
  • The hardware is interchangeable and can be upgraded,
  • The cost of Wifi equipment is reduced to a minimum.