Most users need feedback to make quick decisions. There are traditional reporting tools and business intelligence tools such as Business Objects. However, there was no middle ground that offered dashboards specifically designed for everyday demands, and simple enough to be understood instantly.

SemWare has therefore designed tiGus, a set of ready-to-use dashboards, at the service of the plant, its employees and its partners.

A real communication tool

  • You can present a visual summary of your data (stocks, deliveries, invoices, etc.) by means of interactive and personalized dashboards.
  • You can access information wherever you are (office, train, meeting, home), with the means at your disposal (PC, tablet, smartphone), quickly and safely. Thus tiGus is the ideal solution for your employees who travel often and need to access your company information in real time, wherever they are!
  • You transmit all your information to your employees and partners, while respecting confidentiality.

A powerful analysis tool

  • You quickly make relevant analyzes using powerful functions: filter information, add columns, break down to control, highlight, calculate or aggregate data, display graphs ... TiGus is a spreadsheet-like tool but its data is constantly updated; so you can know your activity in detail.
  • You can generate graphs, etc., and thus complete your reports very quickly.
  • In short: you use your data to facilitate strategic decision-making and drive your performance.

A customizable tool

  • You can create your own reports and save them.