TiGus, fully secure data exchange

  • TiGus only transmits the information you want to share.
  • A notion of profile, inherent to tiGus, guarantees the confidentiality of the information within organizations.

TiGus, personalized data consultation

  • All users can extract and analyze the data according to their own needs. For this, there are different possible actions.
  • Users can customize their dashboards and save them. This makes it easier for them to access the information they need the most.

TiGus, a simple and intuitive application

  • The graphical interface meets the criteria of clarity and simplicity essential for an analysis tool.

TiGus, a universal tool

  • You do not need special software to view and manipulate the information which is in your private space.


To conclude:

With the tiGus Web application, data exchange is secure, simple and faster. Thus, the communication of your company is facilitated internally and the link with your external partners is reinforced.

In addition, you will find in tiGus a profile for each activity of your company: drawing up of production plans, monitoring of the stocks or of the sales journal... Each profile includes relevant information that can be directly used by your managers (production, stock , business management...).