You have a BaaN ERP, but you don't know how to be more efficient, streamline your procedures, control your stock, etc. ? Consult us!

In 10 years, we have learned to master the BaaN tool because we favor daily support of our customers rather than remote maintenance. Thus, we have become specialists in the organization and optimization of procedures.


Thanks to our global experience of business management flows, we are experts in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP is software designed to manage all aspects of a company, from sales management to invoicing, as well as purchase management and the monitoring of shipping.

Our experience is primarily based on the BaaN software. This software was designed by SSA Global and was renamed LN after the acquisition of SSA Global by Infor. Our company is a BaaN integrator for the following modules:

  • Distribution,
  • Industry,
  • Service,
  • Finance.

We consider ERP as tools that manage the physical flows (sales, purchase, manufacturing ...), but we consider them even more like tools that record data (Turnover, Margin, Customer, Product ...).

In this sense, an ERP is a great mine of information. Harness that data and you will get your real ROI. This is why we have developed the given solutions, in collaboration with our customers.



We referred to Crystal Vision to create pre-packaged reports such as:

  • Turnover per month, per business area, per product,
  • Calculation of commissions,
  • Order book,
  • Production and Sales masterplan,
  • Customer Billing Reminder,
  • Customs declaration,
  • Stock valuation to date,
  • Supplier provisional planning,
  • Supplier Reliability Analysis,
  • Rate,
  • Supplier reminder at 3 levels (Provisional, Standard and Urgent),
  • Etc

It is possible to set up each of these reports and transmit them at regular intervals, by email, on an intranet or an extranet, or even by fax.

Your managers automatically receive all the performance indicators on the first day of each month, even before arriving at the office. It's that simple !

And the cost of all these functionalities is really low, compared to the cost of acquiring an ERP.


Pivot table

Most of our customers want to be able to query the database in different ways:

  • By date,
  • By product,
  • By type of product,
  • Etc

There are products on the market that meet this demand. They are called "cube" and use OLAP technology. The latter is problematic because its development is long and expensive.

So we developed an integration with BaaN using Microsoft Excel, the most widely used tool in the market. Thanks to this integration, your data is updated automatically. You can also create pivot tables to answer your queries in seconds.

In addition, the training is very simple or nonexistent. Indeed, most of the time, users are already trained!


Automatic calculation of parameters for article supply

We have developed a system for classifying articles. It follows the ABC method and the consumption profile of the articles.

Parameters are defined for each group of articles.

Every morning, the person in charge of the setting up of the articles receives the anomalies:

  • Article not in the right group,
  • Wrong parameter (order system, order method, storage cost, order cost, automatic update of parameters ...).

We quickly (in the first year) lowered the average stock ownership rate by over 5% using simple methods:

  • Bulk purchasing of Class C articles,
  • Controlled purchasing of Class B articles,
  • Hyper-controlled purchasing of Class A articles.


Management of technical documents

The Draw button in BaaN is useful. We use it to link to a particular revision all the technical documents associated with an article.

So, with just one click, you can access a list of all available technical documents:

  • Drawing,
  • Assembly,
  • Quality control sheet,
  • Specifications,
  • Etc

It works with all types of documents (PDF, Word, Pro-Engineer, Catia ...).


Justification of accrued payables

The accrued payables account (408 account in France) can sometimes prove difficult to justify. And your external auditors blame you! SemWare provides you with a bi-monthly tool. It helps you eliminate all sources of complication. And you do not let the situation deteriorate anymore!


Production costs

Costing surcharges are updated automatically.

BaaN offers a whole range of possibilities to calculate your cost prices. But it sometimes turns out to be inhuman, or totally impossible, to keep them up to date using simple rules. We have developed a tool to auto-configure these costs. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to adjust your production costs to your structure, while complying with the rules of your management control.


Data validation

To work well, an ERP needs accurate information. We have developed a system to control the database. This system checks your data according to your criteria and sends an email in the event of an anomaly.


  • Sales disruption or manufacturing to stock,
  • Bad statistical group, bad price group, bad execution time,
  • Sale which must be invoiced,
  • Invoice to be approved,
  • Financial batches that have not been billed,
  • Article that was corrected while a move was in progress,
  • Etc


Data monitoring

ERP also rhymes with sensitive data. Sometimes you want to know who made the decision to change data. We have developed a tool for tracking changes. This tool will tell you who changed which value, and when.



In BaaN, creating an article is both simple and complicated. It is often necessary to follow a validation procedure that involves your design office, production area, accounts department, etc. You certainly have other procedures that involve several collaborators.

We offer a simple and effective solution to alert the people concerned as soon as possible, while visualizing the validation circuit. Consult us!


Oracle database

Your Baan ERP runs under Oracle ? We can help you boost the performance of your server and make your data as secure as possible ...  Click here for more information !