The Manufacturing Resources Planning of our Gus³ software solution is the ideal tool to facilitate, accelerate and secure the planning and launching of manufacturing orders.
  • In a context of push type industrial production, the Gus³ Manufacturing Resources Planning helps manufacture from sales forecasts, indicating future out-of-stock dates, down to the week.
  • In a context of pull type industrial production, the Gus³ Manufacturing Resources Planning suggests the manufacturing that postpones the out-of-stock dates as far as possible, taking into account the available stocks.
With the Gus³ Manufacturing Resources Planning, no need for a crystal ball ! From a single screen, the manufacturing manager has access to all the information he needs to answer, quickly and surely, the questions that are at the heart of his profession.

Which items should be manufactured first?

In the Gus³ MRP screen, the items to be manufactured in priority are displayed in the order that suits you: we adjust this order to your activity, the way you work, your manufacturing constraints, your delivery priorities, etc.

For the sake of efficiency, the Gus³ MRP screen displays, by default, only the items that can be manufactured for sure; but at any time, you can expand this display to all the items to be manufactured, regardless of their degree of manufacturability, with just one click. It's up to you!

To go even further, you can also filter the items displayed per product or variety, per brand, per out-of-stock date, per percentage of manufacturability from bulk, etc. 

And to help you go straight to the main points even faster, the Gus³ MRP screen uses a color code, one for each situation:
  • green when the item can be 100% manufactured,
  • red when the item cannot be manufactured,
  • orange for other cases.
The list of items to be manufactured as a priority is recalculated automatically - but only if necessary - as and when available stocks evolve (reception or manufacturing), manufacturing operations are planned or carried out, sales orders are received, deliveries are performed... 

These calculations are performed in the background, without causing any inconvenience to users, even if there are several thousand articles pending. If the MRP lacks data to perform the calculation, iGus immediately alerts you, for each item concerned. The date and time of the latest recalculation are automatically updated, per item. And in any case, a visual alert is activated as soon as the Gus³ MRP screen needs a little refresh.

What available stocks to be consumed?

The Gus³ MRP screen automatically displays, per article to be manufactured, the list of available stocks which are compatible with the article to be manufactured and the manufacturing process considered.

By default, the list of manufacturing processes suggested by iGus in the Gus³ MRP screen is guaranteed to be compatible with the article you plan to manufacture. In addition, we can also make sure that a specific manufacturing process is selected by default, when opening the Gus³ MRP screen, for example because of its being related to the nature of your activity and your manufacturing goals; if so, you are free to select any of the other manufacturing processes suggested by iGus in the Gus³ MRP screen. Once more, it's up to you!

The quantities of stocks available for the manufacturing you are planning are displayed in their unit as well as in the unit of the article to be manufactured, per available stock. So, if your available stock contains 20 kg bags, but the item to be manufactured is packaged in 1 kg bags, then the Gus³ MRP screen automatically displays how many 1 kg bags you can manufacture from your 20 kg bags. And as your available stocks may include several different packaging, the Gus³ MRP screen systematically displays the total quantity that can be obtained in the unit of the article to be manufactured. Goodbye to tedious conversions and additions, especially when there are many available stocks with a lot of different packaging!

When the article to be manufactured is a compound article, the list of the stocks available for the considered manufacturing automatically contains all the articles present in the bill of materials, including those which are not seeds (containers, treatments, etc. .). This functionality can come in handy, especially in the heat of the moment!

Of course, the Gus³ MRP screen will only let you use batches whose overall quality is compatible with the manufacturing process you are considering. You are belayed!

As for the additional information provided in the MRP Manufacturing screen of Gus³, by stocks available for the planned manufacturing, they have been carefully selected in order to meet the most common manufacturing constraints: caliber, generation, external batch number (essential in vegetables), Semae batch number… 

Finally, with the Gus³ MRP screen, you can, very easily and very finely, select the available stocks that you wish to consume for the manufacturing considered. In fact, you can select your stocks down to the batch, in one click!

How to optimize manufacturing?

The Gus³ MRP screen provides you with all the data necessary to skillfully juggle the available stocks, the packaging and the quantities to be manufactured. Objective: to find the most suitable and profitable manufacturing solutions according to your manufacturing constraints, and also to your opportunities!

The Gus³ MRP screen works like a real simulator. You can proceed by successive simulations, at will and in complete safety. IGus helps you design your own manufacturing strategy, based on all possible options. But in the end, it's still up to you!

If your goal is to last as long as possible without being out-of-stock, you can just use the manufacturing optimizer to determine, with one click, what quantities need to be manufactured in order to postpone the out-of-stock dates as far as possible: iGus immediately calculates the quantities that must be manufactured as well as the new out-of-stock dates; their accuracy is down to the week. To perform these calculations, iGus relies on forecasts that are all the more precise since they are updated every week and can be adjusted at any time, upwards or downwards, and down to the article.

If you prefer to determine the quantities to be manufactured yourself, iGus calculates the new out-of-stock date for each item concerned. You are free to test different manufacturing scenarios, until you obtain the one you think most appropriate regarding your manufacturing objectives and your available stocks:
  • manufacturing the largest possible number of items from the smallest possible number of manufacturing operations,
  • manufacturing, in one go, all the items that are planned to be manufactured in the coming year,
  • etc.
If you wish, and in agreement with your sales department, you can even dispense with certain packaging, when it can be replaced by another one. If, for a given variety, you are allowed to replace 20 kg bags by 10 kg bags, then you can reduce the number of your manufacturing operations accordingly, regardless of your sales orders of 20 kg bags and 10 kg bags. In the Gus³ MRP screen, one click is enough to automatically have the replaceable articles displayed in the packaging and the quantities of the articles authorized to replace them. The screen dynamically adjusts so that you can view either manufacturing scenario.

When you have the right manufacturing scenario, the one that is right for you because, for example, it is going to make you save a lot of time and money, then you can easily create your manufacturing orders, right from the Gus³ MRP screen. It will only take one click, per article! You can therefore finely target your manufacturing operations, down to the article! In addition, iGus performs automatic checks to ensure:
  • the compatibility of the stocks to be consumed when several different batches have been selected for a single manufacturing operation,
  • the optimization of the selected manufacturing process, according to the available stocks to be consumed.
If all the checks are ok, then the manufacturing orders are created immediately. These having already been filled in by iGus, all that is left to do is to print the tracking sheets and start the manufacturing operation! And forward ho!