MyGus includes the most common manufacturing procedures in an industrial environment. You will find there those which correspond to your profession. Thus, you will be able to cover all of your processes by guiding operators. Whatever the industrial model, myGus manages the reception, order preparation, packaging, storage, labeling procedures ...

 Manufacturing procedures

  • Dialogue with measurement devices: myGus is able to interact with scales, humidity measurers, etc.
  • The function "Pause": thanks to this function, it is possible to resume a procedure that has been interrupted momentarily, on the same terminal or on another.
  • The creation of orders on the fly: via a myGus procedure, a terminal can create direct communication with myGus Relais. The latter then creates an order under the control of the pilot system and responds directly to the terminal. And the terminal immediately goes to realization.
  • The autonomous declaration of a process: an operator can declare a process autonomously, for example if he considers that the change of location of an article can be carried out. The process is then automatically transmitted to the pilot system.
  • On-the-fly labeling: in the course of a procedure, an operator may label according to his needs (see the case of the company Pommier).
  • Route optimization: myGus guides operators to save time and improve organization.
  • Monitoring of operations: with myGus, you have the possibility of monitoring your current operations and obtaining intermediate information (for example, the status of an order), even if the procedure is not fully completed.

MyGus fully adapts to the activity of your operators and you manage your business processes efficiently.