MyGus has many functions adapted to your needs and relevant to improve your industrial performance.

 Factory time tracking

MyGus records production and interruption times for each operation. Thus, you can strengthen the monitoring of all the operations carried out and optimize your working methods. In other words, with myGus, you have a tool that measures your current performance ... in order to improve it.

Integrated workflow

MyGus automatically transmits information (tasks to be accomplished, precautions to be taken) from the pilot system to the operator concerned, at the right time. This facilitates communication between the office and the factory, guarantees the monitoring of operations and specifies the role of each operator.

Laboratory - Quality

With MyGus, you can create your samples and return quality results to your pilot system. Thus, your laboratories are more efficient and faster.

Special procedures

MyGus can execute a task in a loop, or according to a specific schedule.

MyGus, print server

The procedures are not slowed down by printing. This is because printing is supported by a print server.

PDAs can print, just like any other terminal.

It is not necessary to deploy printer drivers because the terminals are operational with a simple browser.

Print jobs can be viewed at any time using the built-in monitor screen in the print server. They can also be restarted on request.


In summary, thanks to the features of myGus, you can:

  • Accompany the realization of manufacturing procedures, guiding the operators so that each order is executed with rigor,
  • Optimize the management of your warehouses,
  • Ensure consistency and communicate with the pilot system, thus making the link between the office and the field,
  • Accompany each of your activities within your company (manufacturing, warehouse, depot, laboratory, etc.).