Companies need to report data and communicate it easily and quickly, internally and externally. To meet these needs, SemWare has developed the tiGus Web application as a Business Intelligence tool.


For example, a contract giver delegates part of their production and manufacturing to subcontracting cooperatives.

The contract giver is interested in:

  • The monitoring of subcontractor stocks,
  • The sending of delivery orders and the chartering of the carrier,
  • Shipments made on their behalf,
  • Expected service bills.

Subcontractors are interested in:

  • The continuous delivery of information to the contract givers,
  • Automated reception of delivery orders.


The restitution and sharing of this type of data is essential for companies. This is why tiGus was designed to make communication autonomous: thanks to this application, many users have access to interactive information essential to make the right decisions.


  • Enable employees, customers and suppliers to view information while respecting data security and confidentiality,
  • Make it possible to exchange data very easily (EDI, Exchange of standard files, etc.) without any restriction linked to the nature of the applications from which they originate,
  • Be an intuitive and personalized application requiring very little training and providing access to data in an interactive and user-friendly way.