Between tiGus and SAP, communication is cooked!

To exchange data between Tigus et SAPwe designed a fully automated system. Data is transmitted from database to database, or IDOC format, especially via a EDI (F4F).

Communication works both ways, from customers to suppliers and vice versa.

The data entry is limited to the only correspondences necessary for the communication between the systems in presence.

In addition, the plug guarantees the integrity of the communicated elements: if a single piece of data is missing, for example the article code corresponding to a GTIN code, the plug blocks the file until it has been completed. This way, Gus³ can only receive orders that it can interpret, and that it will be able to process.

And you are kept informed of the evolution of data exchanges by automatic messages, throughout the process. These messages alert you as soon as the data you expect is available, or if an order requires further action. And that's it!

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