SemWare provides various services around the implementation of Gus³ / iGus on your site. They range from organization consultancy to the definition of architecture. Example: definition of a manufacturing architecture linking your ERP tools (SAP, BaaN...) and your Process tools (WinCC, TXCom, ...) to the management application of your seed station.

The installation requires a high level of technical knowledge on Oracle or Business Objects. We therefore provide special Oracle database architecture services or Business Objects data centers.


Since 2005, SemWare has provided its customers with a support platform: Bugzilla.

Users of this platform can enter, record and track online their incident resolution requests and/or upgrade requests.

Bugzilla is a real communication and incident tracking tool that connects users and SemWare. Users describe their problems or requests for change and assign them a degree of priority and severity. Then, they can know, in real time, who manages their requests and how. They can also know their progress and their resolution time.
In addition, with Bugzilla, it is possible to perform statistical analysis on incidents and evolutions, to find the history of the bugs quickly and easily. Bugzilla provides two ways to display information: reports and graphs.

In short, with Bugzilla, users have a quick and easy-to-use tool to monitor the resolution of their problems or follow the design of the enhancements they want.


We help our customers define their structural needs to manage their seed business. When their project becomes more precise, we accompany the project management and let our customers benefit from our field experience.

Our clients regularly wonder if their organization reflects the latest developments of the profession. We guide them to improve the profitability of their factory activity, while guaranteeing a better quality of their manufacturing and the security of a total traceability.

We have been working in the seed industry for over 18 years. So, we know from experience how to drive you towards the best performance of your industrial tool.

Your benefits:

  • Improvement of the performance of the industrial tool,
  • Stock knowledge in real time,
  • Securing the manufactured material.

Standby Database, or the integrity of your data

Manipulate your data, that's good. Protecting them is better. And resume your activity after a system crash without losing more than 5 minutes of work, this is what we propose. The system uses Oracle's proven technologies. Every 5 minutes, it copies your database to another server. The latter is configured as your main BaaN server and is therefore always ready to take over in the event of a major breakdown.

Thus, if a hardware crash occurs on your server, you can resume your activity from the version of your database that was copied 5 minutes, at most, before the crash (to go below the threshold of 5 minutes, please consult us).

For more security, this system can be moved (for example, in case of risk of fire or risk of theft).

This system is inexpensive compared to the cost of a total shutdown of your factory.

Moreover, it is not based on proprietary computer hardware and is therefore very quickly profitable.


SemWare helps you improve your productivity by implementing Business Objects data center solutions, or by improving the performance and management of your Oracle servers.