Thanks to its many automatisms, myGus is of simple and intuitive use. It facilitates integrated stock management of your warehouses and depots. Thus, it constitutes a real Warehouse Management System at the service of your organization.

With myGus, you can track, analyze and optimize stock management and traceability management for a warehouse or depot. Indeed, myGus integrates their essential functionalities. This makes it easier for your warehouse employees and managers.

Storage procedures

  • Management of reception: myGus records the nature and quantity of the goods received. In particular, it can connect to any weighing terminal. In addition, myGus checks if there are differences between the expected quantities and the quantities received, before putting them in stock.
  • Automatic assignment of location: myGus automatically assigns storage locations according to their storage capacity. This guides the operators and facilitates the organization of the warehouse. MyGus always knows which locations are empty and what contents are in the locations used. In addition, with the module MyGus Labels, you can trace your articles, pallets, locations ... by providing them with barcode labels that contain the information.
  • Internal transfers: myGus facilitates the transfer of articles from one location to another, for storing or replenishment (picking).
  • Transfilling,
  • Management of storage priorities: myGus manages different storage methods such as FIFO, LIFO, locations, batches, etc. Thus, stocks are better valued.
  • Management of picking: to satisfy the requests more quickly.
  • Preparation of deliveries: with myGus, it is possible to schedule sales orders automatically, per date of delivery and transport. This facilitates the preparation of sales orders. In addition, myGus displays the sales orders on the order pickers' forklifts and gives validation each time stock is released.
  • Shipments: With myGus, operators can scan parcels to see if the package is complete, if it's the right carrier, and so on. (see the case of the company Pommier).

Finally, myGus manages storage data completely autonomously. Thus, it can be used in places where there is no network connection.

Inventory procedures

With myGus, you can say goodbye to traditional paper counting sheets! In the storage aisles, your operators scan inventoried items with a barcode reader connected to their myGus portable tablet: the counting is done quickly and securely. Data is automatically transferred to the iGus ERP, in real time, or as soon as your operators regain network coverage. In a nutshell, inventory with myGus is a piece of cake!